• 2018/Mar/06 Version 1.2.8
    Batch: Extracting of Blu-ray Sup scripts can now be cancelled.
    FFmpeg: Fixed crash when reading empty console lines.
    GUI: Corrected "Do yo really" typo.
    GUI: Fixed bug in clip scope comboboxes. Scopes that require parameters were also displayed.
    GUI: Fixed bug showing the name of a missing font.
    GUI: Improved function to cancel closing windows.
    GUI: Now the text input dialog does not save its size.
    Overlay: Fixed bug in the markers overlay. When displaying multiple tracks, markers appeared repeated.
    TimedText: Now <p> attributes are inherited by children nodes.
    TimedText: Now the timeBase is not exported when it is empty.
    Viewer: Fixed XML viewer. Some values were displayed twice.
    Viewer: Fixed visual problem. Images could lose details (LayoutRounding).
    Workcopy: Fixed bug with the "file exists already." warning.
    Blackmagic: Updated to SDK version 10.9.11. This version of Desktop Video supports keying up to UHD 60p.
    Command: Command copy clips properties now can be used in shortcuts.
    Export: The export track as dialog now allows to enable "analyze".
    Export: The export track as dialog now support to select report presets.
    Export: The export track as dialog now supports 2 presets.
    FFmpeg: Updated to version 3.4.1.
    Final Cut: New option in the graphic exporter "sequence <in> <out> mode".
    Go to: The initial index is now the selected clip's index.
    Go to: The initial timecode is now formatted using the selected time formatter.
    Go to: The initial timecode is now the current time position.
    Monitor: DPI scalingImages are now scaled by DPI.
    Netflix: New option to select export language.
    Netflix: Support to export right-to-left text.
    Netflix: Support to omit timeBase when exporting.
    Netflix: Updated Netflix languages table.
    Overlays: New positioning options for the Comments and Markers overlays.
    Presets: The "basic" report preset now also checks time discontinuity.
    Programs: New internal function to bring windows to the front.
    Project statistics: Added support to report subtitles with fades.
    Project statistics: Added support to report unique characters.
    Right-to-left: Added new directionality codes pairs. It is possible now to omit the closing code.
    Settings configuration: Improved controls and navigation.
    Settings configuration: New panel to configure shortcuts.
    Snapshots: Improved behaviour of the "overwrite" option.
    Snapshots: Improved options in the snapshot command (shortcut).
    Snapshots: New option to add an index number to snapshot images.
    Snapshots: New option to allow to overwrite snapshot images.
    Stereoscopic calculator: Added required visual acuity value.
    System: Improved file watchers and folder watchers.
    Tags: The line position offset tags now allow to specify absolute values.
    Tags: The paragraph position offset tags now allow to specify absolute values.
    Time formats: The frames time formatter now internally support units.
    TimedText: New error message when the language code cannot be found.
    TimedText: Optimized exporting of background color for spans.
    TimedText: Support to export language names using Netflix codes.
    TimedText: Support to export several regions (one per display area) and link each <p>.
    TimedText: Support to import and export timecodes expressed in frames.
    Viewer: Images are now scaled by DPI.
    Viewer: It is possible now to drag&drop into the Viewer files without file extension.
    Viewer: New internal functions to send files to the viewer.
    New features:
    Clips scope: New comments scope.
    Export: The export preview now allows to send files to the viewer.
    GUI: New experimental setting to disable the new font comboboxes.
    GUI: New option to show a taskbar icon.
    Japanese: Added 2 new boten characters (U+2022 and U+25E6).
    Languages: New language detection mode "markups".
    Markers: New error category.
    Projects: New warning when opening read-only projects.
    Providers manager: New option to display ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-2 languages.
    Right-to-left: Added support for left-to-right directionality codes.
    Settings: New option to enable opening files using the viewer.
    Settings: New option to only display basic encodings.
    Settings: New options to create and remove users.
    Settings: New tab to configure frame rates.
    Tags: New Numbers (value range) tag to report numbers inside a given range.
    Tags: New Time discontinuity tag to report subtitles not sorted by time.
    Tags: New tag to add directionality codes to LTR and RTL lines and runs.
    Tags: New tag to remove lines with a given language index.
    Tags: New tags category report/numbers.
    TimedText2: Support to export tts:letterSpacing.
    TimedText2: Support to export tts:textOrientation.
    TimedText: Support to export tts:fontShear attributes.
    TimedText: Support to export tts:textOutline attributes.
    TimedText: Support to export tts:textShadow attributes.
    Utililty: New convert text utility "Remove diacritics".
    Utility: New utility to swap languages (swap text lines).
  • 2018/Feb/02 Version 1.2.8 Beta 4
    Comments: The comments edit dialog now accepts empty comments.
    Custom formats: Fixed problem saving the export subpicture settings.
    Export: Fixed bug exporting empty keyframes.
    GUI: Fixed bug positioning icons when drag&dropping files, when using DPI scaling in Windows.
    Lambda: Fixed bug recognizong the continuation and tate-chu-yoko commands.
    Reels: Fixed bug displaying the background image.
    Render: Fixed problem rendering vertical ruby left-aligned.
    Settings: Corrected combobox for the "encodings/ignore alignment" setting.
    System: Fixed bug detecting the type of clip collections (affected merge function).
    Workcopy: Fixed file not found problem in the workcopy dialog.
    BDN: New option to import the reference text.
    BDN: New option to import the text bytes.
    Files: Color palette information is displayed now only if the palette contains colors.
    Final Cut Pro: Boolean values are now exported as boolean, not text.
    Final Cut Pro: New option to select how to export the <ntsc> value.
    Formats: Improved error detection when importing files.
    Formats: New option to select how to import fades.
    Formats: Now all formats export the project title using title 2 if any.
    GUI: Settings are now grouped by category.
    Overlays: The proofing overlay now allows to highlight text outside the safe area.
    Programs: Programs now contain a type.
    Programs: The hub now sort the programs by type.
    Project: Improved element path naming. Support for paragraphs, lines and runs.
    Project: Improved functions to detect when opening unauthorized projects.
    Provider: New function to add buttons and sub-buttons dynamically.
    Provider: Now caption tables display all codes.
    Provider: Now captions are divided by table.
    Provider: Now variables are sorted.
    SAMI: Now the ltr direction is not exported.
    SubRip: New option to select the right-to-left codes to use.
    Tags: The "Box on (subpictures)" now allows to apply boxes only if the box flag is enabled.
    TimedText2: New support to export boten as <textEmphasis>.
    TimedText2: New support to export tate-chu-yoko as <textCombine>.
    TimedText: Now <writingMode> is always exported for vertical paragraphs.
    Utilities: The remove italic utility now allows to select to remove markups and/or tags.
    Variables: The {ProjectTitle2} variable now uses Title when empty or not specified.
    WebVTT: New option to import decoding HTML entities.
    WebVTT: New option to select the right-to-left codes to use.
    New features:
    Commands: New "Statistics" command to display basic project information.
    Commands: New Analyze render pipeline command. It displays debugging information about the current subtitle.
    Editing: New settings to allow to paste HTML, RTF and/or XAML formatting.
    Export: New "analyze" option in the export wizard.
    Export: New "analyze" option in the exporter editor.
    Export: New setting to auto close the export wizard.
    Export: The export wizard now allows to select a clips scope.
    Find: New matcher to find subtitles that report preset.
    GUI: New experimental time formats: Audio 44100, Audio 48000, TimeRef, Flicks.
    GUI: New menus to display statistics for a projects and tracks.
    HTML: Added support for 7 new entities for directionality codes.
    Overlays: New markers overlay.
    Render: Added new directionality codes: isolate and HTML entity.
    Render: New internal draft text renderer.
    Render: New internal function to clear the monitor image.
    Settings: New options to choose which settings to save on exit.
    System: New functio to detect Windows 10 update type (service pack).
    System: New internal functions to work with variables even when disabled.
    Tags: New individual tags for fade-in and fade-out.
    Tags: New option to copy font files using Title 2 as file name.
    Tags: New option to generate font paths using Title 2 as file name.
    TimedText: The tts:writingMode value is now exported in styles and spans.
    Utilities: New utility to remove transitions (fades).
    Utilities: New utrility to change the selected flag in clips.
    Variables: New keyframe variable {Title2}.