*This list contains all features supported by the Kio framework. The final features and their implementation may vary in your subtitling application.
The Kio framework offers different programs.
  • Subtitler
    Allows to create, import, modify, check, fix, and export subtitles.
  • Batch
    Schedules renderings and conversions. Several kinds of jobs are available.
  • Calculator
    Allows to do basic math operations with time-codes.
  • Formats manager
    Allows to create and modify custom subtitle file formats.
  • Macros editor
    Allows to create and modify macros.
  • Presets editor
    Allows to create, and modify presets.
  • Providers manager
    Displays details about the installed components in host subtitling application.
  • Script editor
    Allows to modify subtitle files directly in their original format.
  • Stereoscopic calculator
    Allows to calculate the optimal stereoscopic parameters for a project.
  • Text analyzer
    Displays information about the characters in a text.
  • Unicode browser
    Allows to find characters in the Unicode table.
  • Viewer
    Displays the content of several file formats.
The subtitler program offers different modules to work with subtitles.
  • Explorer
    Displays the opened projects and their structure.
  • List
    Displays a track and its subtitles in form of list.
  • Timeline
    Displays tracks and subtitles as in a non-linear editor.
  • Monitor
    Displays video and subtitles. It supports visual guides, as well as stereoscopic display.
    The image on the monitor can be mirrowed on other windows.
  • Subtitle editor
    Allows to edit the active subtitle.
  • Subtitle info
    Displays additional information about the active subtitle.
  • Find
    Finds subtitles that match a given criteria.
  • Report
    Analyzes and reports errors in subtitles.
  • Spell checker
    Reports spelling errors. Requires MS Office.
  • Utilities
    Offers a wide set of functions to modify and fix subtitles.
  • Comparer
    Compares subtitles properties and reports differences.
  • History
    Displays the undo history.

Additional modules:
  • Go to
    Allows to jump to a specific time, or jump between subtitles that belong to a specific scope.
  • Import
    Allows to import subtitles into your existing project, or create new projects.
  • Duplicate clips
    Copies or moves clips to other tracks.
  • Equalize times
    Copies times from a track into another.
  • Time conversion
    Convert times between different frame rates. Different methods are available.
  • Reel calibration
    Helps to calibrate movie's burned-in time-code with subtitler's.
  • Project wizard
    Helps to create a new projects.
  • Export wizard
    Helps to select the tracks and settings to use for exporting.
  • Text position
    Helps to position subtitles on screen.
  • Character picker
    Offers a gallery of characters not available in your keyboard.
  • Powered by Windows Presentation Fundation.
  • Dockable tabs.
  • Customizable shortcuts.
  • Support for different users. Each one with own interface settings and shortcuts.
Several render engines are available to preview and export subtitles.
  • HQ
    Renders text and images in full quality, using GDI+.
  • DirectWrite
    Similar to HQ, but renders the text using DirectWrite, providing support for more languages.
  • Draft
    Fast and low quality render.
  • Support for any screen size up to 4K.
  • Automatical or customized color remaping for DVD and BD.
Almost all operations are multi-threaded.
  • Monitor preview, even in stereoscopic.
  • Image remapping, and pixel effects.
  • Project analysis and reporting.
  • Export and batch rendering, to generate several scripts and images at the same time.
  • 23.976
  • 24
  • 25
  • 29.97 DF and NDF
  • 30
  • 48
  • H:M:S:F
  • H:M:S:Centiseconds, H:M:S:Milliseconds
  • Frames
  • Milliseconds, Seconds
  • Feet 35mm and 16mm
  • Cineticks, H:M:S:Cineticks
  • Projects can contain several tracks (languages). Tracks can contain sub-tracks.
  • Subtitles can contain text, captions, and/or subpictures.
  • Subtitles can have a reference text (original language to be translated).
  • Subtitles can be flagged to be forced, raised, italicized, marked.
  • Projects can contain several reels (movies).
  • Effects can be used to modify properties inside a given time span.
  • Exporters are used to store render and export settings.
  • Tags can be applied to elements to add or change properties at any hierarchical level in the project.
  • Tracks can be flagged as master. Sibling-tracks and sub-tracks can inherit properties from the master track.
  • Markers can be created to export sliced projects.
  • Variables allow to insert custom values in subtitles' text.
  • Font name, size, color, style.
  • Characters spacing, Asian spacing, aspect ratio.
  • Line alignment, line spacing.
  • Paragraph alignment, offset, base-line rest.
  • Outline, shadows, boxes.
  • Anti-alias quality.
  • Opacity, fade in/out.
  • Tags can be applied to text via markups.
  • Obstacles allow to automatically move or mask subtitles that touch a screen area.
  • Support for any installed font.
  • Multi-paragraph subtitles with different vertical positions.
  • Right-to-left, bi-di, vertical text.
  • Ruby, boten, bopomofo, tate-chu-yoko.
  • Asynchronous subtitles (overlapping).
  • Support for any installed text encoding, and some additional.
  • Allow to change or add properties to project elements.
  • Tags work hierarchically. They are inherited to sub-elements.
  • Can be grouped to create styles (presets).
  • Presets are group of tags. They simplify the creation of projects.
  • Presets can be used to create new tracks, exporters or reports.
  • They can also be used to batch render projects.
  • Presets can reside inside the project, or be located in a external folder.
  • Applications can also provide built-in presets.
The subtitler program offers different utilities to modify subtitles.
  • Real-time time offset and stretch.
  • Remove all clips, empty clips, or by scope.
  • Set, remove or invert flagging.
  • Renumber.
  • Remove bytes, encode bytes for blu-ray or captions.
  • Auto fix duration, calculate from reading speed, calculate from captions bytes.
  • Offset times, offset to start at, factorize, change HMSF values.
  • Set separation, auto fix separation, snap times.
  • Stretch time with two references, by frame rate or numerically.
  • Add and remove comments. Swap comments and text.
  • Remove reference text. Swap reference and text.
  • Clear text, find and replace, remove doubles.
  • Convert text case, auto fix case, normalize, optimize, trim.
  • Set or remove text alignment.
  • Add, change and remove tags and markups.
  • Change or remove subpicture's path, change directory, name and extension.
  • Simplify captions codes.
  • Sort and remove tracks.
  • Frame rate conversion with one anchor.
  • Frame rate conversion with two anchors.
  • Frame rate conversion with two reference movies.
  • Implemented via MS Office.
  • Different languages can be checked and fixed at the same time.
  • Support for per-project dictionaries.
  • All utilities and manual modifications can be undone.
  • Almost unlimited undo levels.
  • Undo levels can be restored in any order.
  • Exporters are elements inside the project that store all the details about how to export subtitles.
  • Projects can be exported in segments.
The monitor offers several visual guides.
  • Aspect ratio
    Simulates the letterbox for a given aspect ratio.
  • Captions decoder
    Decodes CC values and displays captions as a TV-set.
  • Captions line-21
    Displays CC values and displays captions as line-21.
  • Display area, Safe area, Obstacles
    Displays text's visual limits.
  • Reference text
    Displays subtitle's reference text.
  • Time-code
    Displays the current time-code.
  • Text areas
    Displays text's typographical areas.
  • Element path, Element hierarchy
    Displays subtitle's hierarchy.
  • Stereoscopic guides
    Displays guides for stereoscopic subtitles.
Available jobs:
  • Render project
    Renders project's exporters in different jobs.
  • Convert script
    Converts subtitle files between formats.
  • Render script
    Render subtitle files using a preset.
  • Decode Scenarist SCC
    Converts Captions SCC files to a readable text file.
  • Extract subpictures
    Extract subpictures from DVD Sub or BD Sup files.
Available editors:
  • Text
    Modifies times directly in text and XML files.
  • MS Excel (via plug-in)
    Modifies times directly in opened Excel documents.
  • Other editors available via plug-in.
Supported formats:
  • Project
    Displays the content of subtitling project files.
  • Text
    Displays the content of text files. It is possible to re-save the file using a different encoding.
  • Bytes
    Displays the information inside binary files.
    Displays the content of the files using a node tree.
  • Image
    Displays images, measurements, and color palettes. It allows to re-save the image in a different format.
  • Video
    Displays and plays videos. A different frame rate can be chosen. It is possible to take screenshots.
  • Audio
    Displays the audio waveform.
  • Preset
    Displays presets and their tags.
  • OCR library
    Displays OCR libraries and their glyphs.
  • DVD Sub
    Displays the languages, images and times inside Sub files.
  • Blu-ray Sup
    Displays the images and times inside Sup files.
  • OFS
    Displays the ID, rolls, and their stereoscopic information.
  • Support to create custom subtitle formats for import and export.
  • Support for EIA-608 captions.
  • Export line-21 captions as AVI.
  • The captions simulator decodes and displays caption values as a TV-set.
  • The stereoscopic values are set via tags. Values can be changed at any hierarchical level.
  • Different stereoscopic values for text, boxes, shadows, and subpictures.
  • The monitor tool can display stereoscopic subtitles (checkerboard).
  • Anaglyph mode available via pixel effect.
Several plug-ins are available to add new functionalities:
  • Blackmagic
    Adds support to mirror the preview monitor to a Blackmagic card.
  • Cinevator
    Adds support to to import Cinevator subtitle files.
    Adds Cinevator presets.
  • Dexter
    Adds support to obtain media information.
  • FFmpeg
    Adds support to extract waveforms from videos using FFmpeg.
  • Microsoft Office
    Adds Excel Script editor, to edit times in opened Excel worksheets.
    Adds support to mail reports via Outlook.
  • Microsoft Open XML
    Adds support to import and export Word documents, with subtitles formatted in tables.
  • Microsoft Translator
    Adds an utility to automatically translate subtitles via MS Translator.
  • Microsoft Word
    Adds support to spell-check via MS Word.
    Adds MS Word encoding, to import texts in Word format.
  • QuickTime
    Adds integration of QuickTime player.
    Adds functionality to merge AVI files into a MOV container.
  • Support for VB NET plug-ins.
  • Via plug-ins it is possible add new file formats, new kinds of batch jobs, tools, utilities, and more.